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Encourage your heart.

Valerie Cabadonga is a writer, (soon-to-be) author, and encourager. Passionate about women’s empowerment, Valerie started her writing career through her passion project as called Her Progress NZ, a faith-based platform where women from different walks of life can use to share their story and encourage the community. What started as a blog has soon become an online community of women in New Zealand and across the globe.

Through Her Progress NZ, Valerie was able to hold “brunch club” events and workshops to help build a safe community for women to be vulnerable and empower them to live a life of fearlessness, confidence, and purpose. In between events and strategic planning, Valerie has found a new way to express the purpose of her heart through prose and poetry.

After deciding to close a great chapter of Her Progress NZ, Valerie continues to encourage your heart, empower your mind, strengthen your faith, and build a loving community through her writing whether you read her journal articles or poetry entries.

Valerie will soon be releasing her first self-published prose and poetry book called Press On, a book of poetry, prayers, and private conversations on the journey of pressing forward in the waiting.

Valerie is originally from the Philippines, and currently resides at the coolest little capital of the world, Wellington, New Zealand.

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