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building a loving community together.

Through Valerie’s writing, she has founded an online community called Her Progress Community with women from different walks of life — age, stage, and race — across New Zealand and parts of the globe.

The community’s motto is this is a safe space for you to be you. They believe in the power of community and vulnerability. HPC welcomes people just the way they are, encourages them to be bold and share their life’s journey, and celebrates their accomplishments together.

Below are the values of HPC:

  1. Community: women support women. It takes a community for an individual to flourish. This is not a luxury; community is a necessity.

  2. Transparency: better conversations and relationships are made when you come in as you are — the real, raw, and relevant you.

  3. Vulnerability: be bold and openly share your life to others. Whether it is your victory, failure, or caught in the messy middle, you are heard and supported in this community.

  4. Celebration: your progress is everyone’s progress. HPC exists to celebrate and cheer you on every step of the way.

HPC is open to all millennial women and geographical location.

Sounds like a community for you? Click here to join the group.